Did you watch the match between Japan and Brazil last night? Neymar scored four goals against Japan in a 4-0 win. Not pretty if you're a Samurai Blue fan! At least the game gave us one unexpected thing: Yokai Watch ads.

Yokai Watch is an incredibly popular game and anime. And while the match was held in Singapore, these adverts were for the Japanese soccer fans watching the game on TV.

Movie ads, of course, are not unheard of at soccer matches. But on Twitter, some Japanese fans seemed amused and surprised by the adverts for the upcoming Yokai Watch animated feature film.

[Photo: yaoasa]

[Photo: na_72712]

[Photo: bazadayo]

[Photo: yuuuttoo]

[Photo: tokachi_tory]

[Photo: rina95212]

[Photo: fcbarcelona]

Sure, game developer Level-5 also makes Inazuma Eleven, so the company does have a soccer connection (it also has a J-League Soccer Stadium). But, if anything, this is just yet another sign of how big Yokai Watch has become in Japan—or, at least, how much money Level-5 now has to promote it.

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Top photo: Soccer47Takumi

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