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An Undersea Game Where You Evolve To The Top Of The Food Chain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever wanted to be a shark and terrorize the ocean? Or maybe, you want to see what happens when a seagull fights a beaver? Well in, your greatest aquatic-themed dreams can be realized.

In, you want to make it to the top of the food chain. You start off as a lowly aquatic organism, and by consuming enough little dots of food, you can evolve into bigger and tougher-to-kill creatures, like sharks and killer whales.

IO games, as many of you know, are free online games where you can compete with other players in order to dominate the server. Before this, and took off largely because of YouTubers enjoying the games in front of massive audiences, and has followed suit.

In, some characters have more benefits than others. For example, if you’re a jellyfish, you will instantly poison other players when they attack you. And if you’re a bird, you can fly, and avoid all the monsters down below that try to crush whatever little hope of survival you have. Whatever creature you are, if you’re higher up on the food chain, you can consume players lower on the chain than you. For example, if I were a seagull, I could eat a crab. But if I were that same seagull, and I happen to run into a crocodile— chomp chomp, game over. Consuming other players is fun, but being consumed? Not so much. 


The best moment in my playthrough of was when I became a lamprey.


You might think, Why would you want to play as the lamprey? It’s an ugly little bloodsucker. And you’re right.

As the lamprey, you can latch onto other players and receive a portion of their food. When a hungry killer whale happened to swim by, I clamped onto his body. The killer whale seemed confused: he spun in a circle and tried to throw me off with his boost. Meanwhile, I sat back and laughed my ass off. He continued to swim around, consuming other creatures, and I watched with satisfaction as my food level went up and up without having to do anything.


He was desperate to remove me from his body. At one point, he completely freaked out, spinning around rapidly in a circle. But I was the Rose to his Jack— and I was never, ever letting go.

...Until I evolved into a frog, and out of revenge, the killer whale chased me down and consumed me. RIP, Lamprey. You were the real MVP of


Unfortunately, I found that actually playing was difficult because the servers were frequently full. Even if I managed to join a server, the gameplay wasn’t smooth. lags constantly. It took me four tries just to get the game to load properly, and even then, there were a number of frustrating glitches.

Despite some wonkiness, like other .io games, is mindlessly fun when it works.