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An MMO That Promises The World. Let's See If It Actually Delivers.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Black Desert is an upcoming MMO from Korean developers Pearl Abyss. It sounds almost too good to be true.

A preview of the game on MMOCast says it's a "sandbox MMORPG". Specifically, it's promising stuff like resource-gathering, action combat, open-world player vs player battles, castle sieges (with plans for 400 v 400 assaults) and non-instanced housing, which can be shared among friends (you can kut extra keys so they've got somewhere to hang).

But it goes deeper. It wants to make different parts of the world go through seasons. Winter, for example, will require NPCs to be equipped with warmer clothing, and player stats would take a hit. There won't be teleports at launch. Instead, your mount is an important part of the game, with its own level system.


Plus, you know, it looks pretty nice.


Will all this combine to actually make the game worth playing? Who knows. It's not out in Korea until later this year, with a Western release not planned until, wait for it, 2015.

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