An Indie Mars-Based Survival Game Inspired by... Pokémon Snap?

A bit over a month ago, we showed you Lacuna Passage, an amazing-looking and quite mysterious indie Mars exploration game. Now, developer Random Seed Games is taking to Kickstarter to raise some money so they can work full-time on their first commercially released game.


So yes, Lacuna Passage is a survival game set on Mars, but what sets it apart, besides its attention to realism? Well, take a look at this:

The game has a very important photography mechanic—inspired by Pokémon Snap, according to Random Seed—which requires you to take photos of important clues and locations as you work towards uncovering the mysteries of the game. Here's the developer:

The mystery at the heart of Lacuna Passage requires a keen eye and the proper tools to document everything you encounter. Your digital camera will be an invaluable tool while exploring. At any time you can snap a photo of your view to capture what you see.

Perhaps you find a handwritten note that you want to save and reference later, or you find a footprint in the sand that could be blown away in the wind at any moment. Take a photo and both can be saved permanently. Or perhaps you just want to practice your composition skills with some impressive landscape shots.

Every photo you take is saved directly to your hard drive at full resolution. You can share these photos online and collaborate to solve the mystery or just swap new beautiful desktop backgrounds.


And there you have it. Hardcore survival gameplay, on Mars, with Pokémon Snap-inspired photography. Sounds neat? Head over to the Kickstarter page and take a look.

Lacuna Passage [Kickstarter]

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They should release a new Pokemon snap and fatal frame for the Wii U. The controller is made for this kind of games, it would feel so natural.