Earlier this year Microsoft gave us our first look at IllumiRoom, a new technology that uses a Kinect-enabled projector to extend the game-playing environment from the television screen into the living room. Today Microsoft Research has released a five-minute video that delves deeper into the technology that could debut on the next Xbox.


With the next Xbox set to be unveiled on May 21, the timing of this new video release hints at a shared destiny for the IllumiRoom tech and whatever game-playing device Microsoft has up its sleeves.

It's a wonderful idea that looks amazing in a controlled environment. I'd say that if your living room looked exactly like this one, with its Ikea Expedit shelving system and the same lighting, then you'd be in for a treat.

I, on the other hand, keep my coffee table only a few short feet away from my television, and the Expedit shelves are in the dining room instead. I'm likely screwed.

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