An Iconic Baldur's Gate II Scene, Re-Created In Glorious 3D

Remember that awesome scene near the beginning of Baldur's Gate II, when you're escaping that first (annoying) dungeon and Irenicus comes out, kidnaps one of your companions, and wreaks havoc everywhere?


Here it is in 3D, created in the Dragon Age map editor by YouTuber Dahlia Lynn. Cool stuff!

(via David Gaider)

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Im happy Bioware got away from D&D. It was slow, boring and turn-based, and had so many pointless sub-sections that I just didn't care for. I play RPGs for the story, and at least until DA2, that was Bioware's aim too. (DA2+ everything started going wrong)

I don't mind stats, I don't mind gear, but DnD, with its dozen conversation skills, convoluted traits system and the fact you can only use 1 spell in-between resting, is a pain.

I don't necessarily even want 'action combat', I like it in DAO/DA2, but BG/NWN I just turned on god mode or whatever and played for the story. Bioware are great world and story designers, not great gameplay ones. DnD is a board game, not a video game.