An Erotic Wrestling Game That You Play With Two Trampolines. Yep.

You ever get that feeling that you've seen everything? I've learned by now what to do when I get that feeling: laugh, and pat it on the head, tell it it's cute, and send it off to get us all some coffee. Because shortly afterwards, someone always sends a video of something like Get On Top, an erotic physics game by QWOP and CLOP creator Bennett Foddy that uses trampolines to simulate the sexy act of sumo wrestling.


According to tweets from J.S. Joust creator Doug Wilson, Get On Top uses two gyroscopes under each trampoline, which detect how hard you bounce. You also use a controller to control your avatar's arms, and you try to use bouncing and grabbing to flip your opponent.


Check out the video above to get a sense of how it works—skip to the 0:45 mark to see it in clearer action. Dunno about you, but I would play this game. I'd probably have to clear out some space in my apartment, though.

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I thought it said "an erotic whistling game that you play with two trampolines"

That would be even weirder.