An Entirely Different Sort Of LEGO Video Game

Dissatisfied by the video game LEGO offerings released thus far, LEGO enthusiast Ben Fleskes takes matters into his own hands, crafting a working Pac-Man arcade cabinet made almost entirely of LEGO bricks.

I'm not actually sure if Fleskes is dissatisfied or not, but I do know he's got mad LEGO building skills. The electronics and controls might be normal, but the heart of this tabletop arcade cabinet is all LEGO. Housed within this 34 inch tall cabinet is a Jamma 48-1 board, allowing Ben and friends to play 48 different old-school arcade titles, with the help of a switchable 4-way/8-way joystick.

Best of all, Ben created this without altering on LEGO brick. Every piece is a piece you could find on store shelves, meaning you could probably build this yourself, if you had far more free time than you're ever likely to have.


Table Top 80s Arcade Game - Made entirely of LEGO [Big Ben Bricks - Thanks Kid-A!]

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