An Elegant Nintendo 64 For A More Civilized Age

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Reader James' modded Nintendo 64 is not a machine for the 1990s. Its modern touches make it a damn fine retro gaming solution for the discerning modern gamer.


Preserving the main case, he's heavily modified the console's functionality. Gone are the switches, replaced with remote-controlled power operation. Gone are the four ports at the front, replaced with a single port (for a cleaner appearance) and external multitap. It outputs in RGB colour.

There are a whole load of other minor changes, which you can check out in detail by watching the video below.

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Yup sorry this is ugly. Whenever somebody wants to make something elegant and classy I doubt the thought "lets make it look like it's made out of sand" comes to mind. Even taking the cheesy and extremely 90's crackle finish off the table, it's painted like a 1985 Mac classic that's yellowed with age, making it look even MORE dated. Also you are telling me that deleting the controller ports only to add them back in a crappy 10 dollar project box looks better.

Nintendo consoles are timeless, they look as current today as they did the day they were released due to the use of primary colors and clean lines. You don't mess with perfection. (Except the game cube..... knock yourself out modding that purple nightmare).

-10 out of 10, epic fail.