Chances of me clicking on Langoth in Steam’s buried “All New Releases” list to get all of this info were very low.

With so many games coming out on Steam each week and the service’s fondness for focusing on “popular” and “recommended” new releases, it’s easier for smaller games to fall through the cracks. What’s On Steam is a website that gives every new game on Steam equal treatment.

Launched earlier this month by the folks at indie developer Dejobaan Games (Drunken Robot Pornography, Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby,) What’s On Steam is a website that puts every game released on Steam on the same page. Each game gets six slots for screenshots, a short description and price. What’s On Steam also delivers six-second trailers for each new release, giving folks a quick flash of the games in action.

Every game. Only games.

Though the site has only been up for a couple of weeks, I’ve already found myself going to What’s On Steam more often that navigating the new release section of the official Steam app. Dejobaan designed the site (with Valve’s blessing) as a way for gamers and the gaming press to get a better idea of the games being released without having to click through a ton of stuff.


See? Told you there are a lot of games released on Steam each week.