An Awesome Black Ops III Outplay

Glitch” is the name of a move in Call of Duty: Black Ops III that lets you teleport—but only back to the position you were in a few seconds earlier. It can be tricky to pull off because messing up the timing or positioning will leave you out in the open, vulnerable to all kinds of killing. Not for this guy, though.


In the clip above, you can see BLOPS III player and YouTuber Patrick Decelles running and gunning, as one normally does in any Call of Duty game. Then just as an enemy is about to take him out, he triggers Glitch—zapping himself backwards so that he lands right behind the guy who was just trying to kill him.

Man, that guy must’ve been pissed.

One interesting detail about this play, and Call of Duty’s glitch move more generally, is that the famed and acclaimed MOBA game League of Legends recently added a similar stepping-backwards-in-time ability with its time-traveling champion Ekko:

While Ekko can be a tricky champion for people to play as (well, at least) given all the different mechanics one has to master for him, I’d argue that the first-person vantage point of Black Ops III makes the same move much trickier to pull off. Since you’re stuck seeing through the eyes of one soldier (the one you’re fighting as), you’ll always have comparatively limited vision on where Glitch is going to take you.


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Why in the crikey fuck can you teleport now in a CoD game?

BO3 is looking worse and worse for me.