Resident Evil 5 is being made by a couple of folks. It's been made by a lot of folks — over 400 people, actually. Wowzers. These days big games take big numbers of people — just check out the credits of any big game. According to Capcom:

In addition to developing tools, we have also strengthened our game development structure. As more than 400 people including company employees and outside contractors are working on this particular title, we have reorganized the structure to assign appropriate human resources, manage development process and offer mental health care to staff in order to ensure smooth operation. Our belief while developing Resident Evil 5 was that no detail was too small when it came to graphics.

You hear that? That's a lot of TLC Resident Evil 5 is getting. And a mental health care staff? Is that normal? Capcom Employs a Team of Over 400 for Resident Evil 5 [Kombo]