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An Arcade Shooter Where Gravity Is Your Plaything

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead is a flashy arcade shooter where you survive against a horde of monsters while bounding across a dizzying landscape. It doesn’t just have a great name; it’s also damn fun. That’s why it’s this week’s Indie Pick.

Made by adamgryu, You’re In Space... is an experiment in gravity mechanics and fast paced action. It channels the intensity of Devil Daggers but adds a few key flourishes that give it a unique charm. The biggest of these is the design of the arena. It’s dotted with floating spheres and walls that jut out in various directions. A quick leap shifts your footing and snaps you to the next platform. The result is action that twists and turns. Dizzying and delightful. Exploiting this mechanic allows you to attack from new angles.


Combat has a great deal of risk and reward. You’re able to grab an assortment of blocks and bombs to attack enemies. In the worst case, you can snag a baddie for a quick toss as well. If you want a high score, you’ll have to play smart. You have to think ahead, picking up bombs and saving them for crucial moments.


You’re In Space... also scratches some retro nostalgia with a style that recalls the Gameboy’s 2-bit screen. The score numbers are large and rounded, monsters’ eyes peer through the dark. It’s a charming look that other games have used variations of, notably Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn. A perfect fit for the game’s energetic sensibilities.

You can play You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead on PC, Mac, and Linux. I definitely recommend it for a quick blast of arcade fun.


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