Tom Goodfellow's custom arcade cabinet, christened the Replay, isn't here for the games inside it, or the things it can do. It's here because it looks terrific.

Call that vain if you must, but that's the point. It's a designer arcade cabinet. Goodfellow sums it up as:

A design of simple clean lines that has been built to the highest specification, this arcade is a unique and one of a kind example. It is intended to complement modern interiors while still having that retro cool look that will make it a show piece for any room.

Being built to the Jamma standard, those who care as much about the insides as the outside can slide in any standard arcade board so long as it's got a vertical screen, or of course take the easy route and just drop a PC in there which is running the MAME emulator.

While it looks great, my favourite part is that he's built an actual working coin slot into the thing.

Replay Arcade [Tom Goodfellow]