An Animated Storybook Is The Best Way To Learn Dark Souls Lore

Image: Versiris

I’m a sucker for Dark Souls lore, and Dark Souls retold as a fairy tale storybook is one of the best ways to get that lore communicated in an easy, simple way.


This video spoils the entirety of Dark Souls. There are spoilers.

Dark Souls is often discussed as a game with an oblique story and punishing mechanics, but what I enjoy so much about it is that the big, broad moves of the story aren’t all that complicated. The Chosen Undead makes their way through brutal challenges, learns that the prophecy they are fulfilling is a little more complicated than they thought, and then makes a powerful choice about the fate of the world. It’s a big, bold fantasy story that’s classical in all the right ways.

The storybook version of the Dark Souls narrative that YouTuber Verseris has created really plays into that classic feel. The animations render the sometimes-gross, complicated-looking creatures of the game into blocks of color that are immediately identifiable. It’s a reduction that really does serve the plot itself, and it makes me yearn for a Nintendo-ish take on the bosses of Dark Souls that would turn them into plastic 3D models with shiny surfaces.

Sometimes Dark Souls lore videos are too complicated and focused on minor details to be really gripping, but if you’ve got a friend who just wants the high points of the main questline of the game, this is basically all they need to watch.

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