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America's Army 3 Invades Steam

Illustration for article titled Americas Army 3 Invades Steam

The third installment of America's Army is now available for pre-loading on Steam one week ahead of its June 17th release date.


Yes, America's Army 3 is only a week away from release, and right now you can pre-load the game/recruitment tool on Steam so you're ready to drop into the action as soon as it goes live. Like the previous two installments of the game, AA3 is completely free, unless you count the taxpayer money that went into development, promotions, and marketing. Other than that, completely free.

For those of you who just can't wait for the hot military action, head over to the official website to read the America's Army Graphic Novel, the comic book paid for by American tax dollars.

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I play various online games (mainly L4D the past several months) with the same 6 friends every weekend, and we like playing private games against each other (or bots), so as not to have to deal with idiot pubbers. We use Teamspeak and just have fun playing within our own little closed group.

Will this game allow that at all? Is there any bot AI to go up against in co-op or to round out teams? If not, is it possible (or even practical) for us to play against each other privately, with only seven people?

If so, we might give it a whirl. We love BF2 and CS, so this does look cool.