Americans, Your Download Speeds May Vary

Like most countries, download speeds in the US vary from city to city. Unlike most other countries, though, the United States is huge, meaning those differences can be, well, just as huge.

A study by Pando Networks has found the average download speeds for internet users across the United States, and perhaps unsurprisingly found that those living in the North East, California and Washington enjoy significantly faster internet speeds than those in states like Idaho and Wyoming.


These are of course just averages, so not everyone in Idaho is that slow. Likewise, there will be people in Seattle on dial-up! Somewhere.

What does this mean? Well, Americans, if you're sick of disconnecting from online games when you hear a foreign accent, you can use this handy map to discriminate against low-ping users from your own country.

Report: Disparities In Game Download Speeds, Completion Rates Across U.S. Cities [Gamasutra]


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