American Team Wins Dota 2 International, Takes Home $6.6 Million

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The U.S. team Evil Geniuses won on Dota 2’s biggest stage last night, earning a $6.6 million prize and becoming the first American squad to win the International tournament.


Evil Geniuses defeated the Chinese team CDEC, generally considered to be an underdog, 3-1 in the best-of-five Grand Finals late Saturday night, capping off a week of non-stop Dota 2. The prize pool for this year’s International, hosted by Valve at the KeyArena Center in Seattle, was a whopping $18 million. CDEC took home $2.8 million.

All five players who competed for Evil Geniuses—Fear, PPD, Aui, Sumail, and Universe—are now millionaires. Sumail’s story is particularly fascinating—the 16-year-old Pakistani says that when he was growing up, he sold his bike so he could play more Dota. Now he’s the youngest millionaire in eSports.

You can watch the entirety of the Grand Finals here:

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Fear’s story is way more impressive, has been playing dota for more than 10 years and trying this hard, it finally paid off. Grats to Fear, now he can retire for NA to never win TI again, ok? 4Head