American Site: It's Time To Talk New Wii (Out In 2011)

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What, is there a sale on crystal balls this week? Or do people have DEPRESSION FEVER? Either way, we don't just have one story on the next next generation of consoles today, we have two. The second's from What They Play, where former 1UP man John Davison says "multiple sources in the game development and publishing community" have been talking to him about the next Wii. Which has the tentative name "Wii HD". As you can tell by the name, it'll get Nintendo back in the graphics saddle by opting for HD visuals. There'll be a "greater emphasis" on digital delivery and backwards compatability. There'll again be an emphasis on the system's controller, rather than the system itself. And it'll be out no later than 2011. This being 2008, and with the Wii having been out less than two years, this all gets filed in the "SOMETIME IN THE DISTANT FUTURE" file. And there's absolutely no way to confirm any of this. So for now, just hit the link below, soak it all up, imagine a world with a HD Zelda and try and come up with a better worki-in-progress name than "Wii HD". New Wii due by 2011 [What They Play]


Although I'd love the Wii to have HD graphics, the reality is that Nintendo made the right decision to go without them. HD wasn't the appeal of the Wii, and it would have bumped up costs dramatically. The bottom line is that the majority of people don't own an HD TV, meaning HD visuals aren't even accessible to most, so they'd be paying for something they couldn't have.

No one I know actually plays their HD consoles on an HD TV, which kind of defeats the point.

Sure prices are dropping for TVs, though with the recession on its way a lot won't opt to splash out on a new telly.

In a few years HD equipment won't be as costly, and surely the next Wii will incorperate it - along with the fact a larger proportion of the population will own an HD TV.