Perhaps you're interested in playing the new fantasy adventure Alice: Madness Returns, but have never enjoyed the 11-year-old PC original. Worry not, for it appears that the first game, American McGee's Alice is coming to consoles as a downloadable game as well.

So says American McGee of American McGee's Alice fame, who tells CVG that a major incentive for purchasing Madness Returns is the original game.

To blockquote McGee:

"There's also going to be pretty significant release which is the original Alice brought over to the consoles so that a person who's purchased Madness Returns gets a download code and is able to bring Alice 1 onto their console and play through the entire original game alongside playing Madness Returns."

Looks like Mr. McGee may have let that cat out of the bag a bit early. Still, if the man's right, that's a nice little bonus.


Alice Madness Returns to include original Alice [CVG]