American McGee Is So Ready To Be Brain Chipped

American McGee gained fame for his off-beat titles like American McGee's Alice — that, and for his first name. Dude's been around in the industry, first cutting his teeth over at id Software on games like DOOM. What does he think the next big thing is going to be? Says McGee:

I think we'll continue to see updated interface devices at the forefront of the mini-revolutions in the years to come. Ultimately, I think this is all heading to one uber-revolution in the shape of seamless computer-human interfaces, ala The Matrix. It'll be great to get away from the dated keyboard/mouse, monitor, speakers way of interfacing with our content. As soon as someone starts offering trial "implant" testing — I'll be first in line. I just hope I don't crash my brain, it would take a lifetime to reinstall everything.


And you just thought he made games and had a cool name. Ha!
Grimm interview: American McGee [Guardian] [Pic]

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