The Japanese box art for Dead or Alive Dimensions features Kasumi about to kick someone right in the face. The US art is similar, only it decides American teenagers are too vulnerable to handle a little inner thigh.

On the left in the image above, the Japanese cover. On the right, the American. You know, unless the Japanese edition has bare breasts (or worse!) on the front of the box, I'll never quite understand why publishers would bother with this kind of thing.


Especially given the publisher. This is Tecmo Koei, former home of Tomonobu Itagaki. The creator of Dead or Alive. And Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. That game had dental floss masquerading as a bikini. And now the house that fighting game boobs built is concerned about a little thigh?

You've changed, Tecmo Koei. You've changed.

[via Aussie-Nintendo]

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