"America Has Always Been Better At Creating Unique Products"

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It's OK, America. You're not braggers. You're unique! Despite tossing a waggly cat amongst the dual-sticked pigeons with it's Wii console, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says that when it comes to games, Japanese companies aren't quite as outside the box. "I think America has always been better at creating unique products", he says. Why? "In Japan, the technology required to create videogames tends to be concentrated in the bigger corporations", the Nintendo talisman told Wired's Chris Kohler. Lucky Nintendo's a big corporation!
Nintendo Taps U.S. Talent in Search of WiiWare Hits [Game|Life]


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We do things differently, sure. I still get in fights over American vs Japanese RPGs.

But aside from getting a few Genres the Japanese haven't fully mastered, there is a strange parallel.

Good turn based strategy games Games come from Japan, Good Realtime Strategy Games come from here.

We get good sandbox games, and First Person Shooters, Japan Gets Dating Sims and Street Fighting Games.

Of course both sides have a few odd games that come out like Katamari Demacy or Raving Rabbids, but you get that both ways.

I remember when I was a kid Japan was considered somewhat mystical in the world of game design. A strange place with several different kinds of games that never would see release in our country as they are far too strange. Japan has been De-Mystified over the years, but ironically it seems we have become mystified to them.