AMD's New Video Card Is Now Live In Fortnite

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Screenshot: Epic Games

AMD isn’t ready to reveal everything about its upcoming Radeon RX 6000 series video cards to the world, but the company’s fine with giving gamers a little sneak peek at the card’s design via a honking-big virtual model within Fortnite Creative.

Just log into Fortnite Creative, enter access code 8651-9841-1639 into the terminal, and you’re transported to a world where the new Radeon card’s triple-fan design rules the sky. Players can see wondrous sights such as giant display ports, big enough to hide in, and giant fans that are not spinning murderously but should be.

Screenshot: Epic Games

I spent about 15 minutes poking around the virtual Radeon RX 6000 series, listening to two other players discuss the card enthusiastically until finally concluding that while it will be awesome, they liked Nvidia’s newer cards better.

Screenshot: Epic Games

I wouldn’t know, I have not walked on a giant-sized Nvidia card.

Look for more on the actual AMD Raden RX 6000 series cards soon. They are just like the one you see here, only if you step on them you’ll be sad.

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Sting Chameleon

I understand why they would advertise their new card in Fortnite, but I can’t help but feel like we’ve reached an incredibly stupid place when this is a thing.