AMD Say PC Market AOK

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A hot topic this year aongst nay-sayers has been the impending "death" of the PC gaming market. Let's hear what AMD's senior vice president Rick Bergman has to say on the subject.

AMD, as you may know, merged with graphics card manufacturer ATI back in 2006. So Bergman obviously has a sizeable stake in the future of the PC gaming market. And it's a future he sees as healthy:

There is a very compelling story on why PC gaming is so healthy now. When you consider shipments of high-end gaming rigs and strong sales of online games such as World of Warcraft, you can see how strong it is. Sales at the high end continue to astound me.


Don't know what a low-end game like WoW has to do with the fortunes of a bleeding-edge tech company, but...oh, I see. Console cash money means it doesn't really matter.

The gaming platforms tend to be the first place where games appear, but we are in about 80 percent of the gaming consoles sold, since we’re in the Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

That's millions and millions of consoles with ATI chips in 'em. Good, safe business, that.

Q&A with AMD’s Rick Bergman on the graphics sweet spot [VentureBeat]

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You are quite deluded if you think you can run wow on high settings with a "low end pc".