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Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon today unveiled an Android-powered Kindle tablet aimed at taking on Apple's iPad, Bloomberg reports. The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch display and sell for $199. Since it will run on Android, it will presumably be able to play movies, music, games as well as let people read books.

Make sure to follow Gizmodo's live coverage of Amazon's press conference here.


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If this new Kindle is going to be on full color (so it runs on Android, and plays movies, music, etc), then what's going to be the difference between this device and any other iPad or Android-based tablet out there?

I mean, the charm of the Kindle is that it doesn't use a conventional screen, and it's not backlight. It doesn't even have pixels, it uses some kind of weird e-ink that makes the letters and images look like actual print, not something displayed on a screen.

If you take it away, is it still a Kindle? I mean, in the way we know it now?

Maybe it will be an awesome tablet, I don't know. But if it uses a convencional screen, like the iPad and other tablets, then I don't see how this new Kindle could be a better device to read books than the current Kindles. Not to mention the battery life.