Amazon's pitting city against town against village in a promotion to see which American municpality orders the most copies of Modern Warfare 2 with release-date delivery. They've got a top 40 board up, which Stillwater, Okla. currently leads.

The criteria: Amazon's cutoff are towns and cities with a population over 5,000 (according to the most current census data), and they have to order "enough copies for two squads (18 people) using Release-Date Delivery." The ranking is based on per capita orders, not whole numbers. Winning city gets a $5,000 Amazon gift card donated to a charitable organization serving that area.


Lots of college towns dot this board, no surprise there. As of its most recent update, the most noticeable military city I could spot is Twentynine Palms, Calif., although admittedly I don't know where every Army installation is. The city, home to a big Marine Corps base, is in 11th place.

My pick for the town most answering duty's call? Bedford, Va.

The Call of Duty-est Town in America

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