Amazon Rolls Out The PlayStation 3 Deals All Day Long

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Dante's Inferno at $38.99 might not be that great of a PlayStation 3 game deal, but if you hurry you can score Tekken 6 for $17.99 as part of a day filled with PS3 deals on


It's PlayStation 3 Gold Box deal day at, and the deals are going fast. We've already missed out on Batman: Arkham Asylum for $39.99, so we don't want any more deals slipping through our fingers, now do we?

Here's what Amazon has lined up for today:

Right now: Tekken 6 for $17.99

1PM Pacific: You might have played this RPG on your 360. - Star Ocean
4PM: Help Lego Dr. Jones through your favorite cinematic moments. - LEGO Indy
6PM: Wave around your PS3. - I have no idea
7PM: Don't "tapout" on this great MMA deal. - UFC


All that, plus Dante's Inferno for $1 more than Target was selling it last week. See anything you like?

Amazon Gold Box Deals

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Star Ocean 4 for 45 bucks isn't bad at all. But I've got White Knight Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles, Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands, Resonance of Fate, and Final Fantasy XIII to accomodate my level-grinding needs. When it hits the 30 dollar mark, I'll get it.