Amazon Reviewers Do Not Take Kindly To Spore's DRM

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Despite some early, Germanic hiccups, Spore seems to be going down quite well with both the reviewing and buying public at large. Oh, except the kids over at Amazon. Despite enjoying the game itself, they've bombarded the game with 1-star reviews, as backlash for EA's insistence on using the awful Securom anti-piracy measures, which limit the number of times you can install a game on your PC. At time of writing, there were over 100 "reviews" of the game, nearly 90 of them giving the game a single, damning star. Might sound petulant to some, but if you're going to protest against something you don't like, you may as well do it somewhere effective (ie the world's largest online retailer) as opposed to somewhere ineffective (ie your navel-gazing gaming messageboard of choice). Spore losing the DRM Fight [Fred Benenson's Blog, via Boing-Boing]


I would just like people to know 2 things I've experienced with Securom.

1: I was formatting a couple of hard drives I own by manually going through and just deleting everything within the WinXP "My Computer" browser. Strangely, there was 1 file in 1 folder that refused to be deleted. That folder's name? Securom.

2: This weekend I had to replace my current CD/DVD burner. Why? Because directly after installing a game that used Securom a few months ago, it began to malfunction and only opens up about 1 out of every 3 times I try to get it to open.

Thanks Securom, I have actual documentation that your software is shit. I love Spore and it's making me stay up late to play (sign of a good game) but fuck EA and Maxis for allowing horrible DRM onto my computer.

I hope Stardock and Valve tear EA to shreds and piss on its grave.