Amazon Gold Boxes Wii Games All Day Long

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Amazon continues to dole out the savings, Gold Box style, with Nintendo Wii games going fast all day long. How fast? They sold out of Spore Hero in under an hour. That's pretty damn fast.


First Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and now's it's Wii Wednesday over at They've got Wii game deals all day long, and despite the rather crappy Deal of the Day (Active Life: Extreme Challenge Bundle with Mat? The hell?), there's still plenty of bargains to be had in the Gold Box section, if you're quick.

Spore Hero, the first deal, went live at 6AM Pacific, and as of this writing (around 6:50AM) they are completely sold out. Makes you wonder how fast games people actually want will sell out, doesn't it? Looking at the clues we've got a Star Wars game at 9, Guitar Hero World Tour at 11, Little King's Story at 1, Wii Sports Resort at 3, and what I am assuming is Drawn to Life for the Wii at 6.


Be vigilant, Wii owners and Christmas shoppers. Be strong.

Amazon Gold Box Deals

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I'd buy the next one if this was also available in Canada...