Amazon Gold Box Thursday Full Of PS3 Goodness

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Amazon continues to roll out the holiday video game deals, having announced that this coming Thursday, December 18th will see an entire day of PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray Gold Box deals.


Starting Thursday night at 12:01AM,'s Gold Box will be kicking off an entire day of PS3 bargains. While we've no idea what said bargains are as of yet, chances are they'll have something for the PS3 owner in your life marked down ridiculously as only Amazon can.

For some odd reason we generally don't hear about these things until the day they are happening, generally after the best item on sale has already come and gone, so a big shout out to all of our lovely readers for passing this on.


Gold Box Deals - Bookmark and come back Thursday

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Let's be honest. All it will be is one or two well known games, maybe LBP or MGS4 and the rest will be worthless DVD-universal remote / Bluetooth headset deals.

This has been the case before with Playstation related deals. Bring on the $199 PS3 Goldbox plzkthx. I need a cheap blu-ray player already.