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Amazon once again maps out an entire day of gaming deals, this time around giving the Xbox 360 fans a little bit of of the love they've been reserving for Nintendo gamers lately. Today kicks off with the Deal of the Day, which is the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year Edition for only $39.99, a damn fine price for those couple of guys who don't already own it.


Meanwhile the Gold Box deals have kicked off with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for $29.99, which is going pretty fast, to be followed up with Scene-It at 10 Pacific, possibly Madden at 2, and possibly Frontlines: Fuel of War at 6.

The fact that Amazon keeps cranking these video game day deals out means that the gamer response has been overwhelming, so as long as we keep buying they'll keep discounting until we form a giant, writhing, perpetual sale engine, which sounds terribly sticky.


Amazon Deals Of The Day

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