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Between now and Saturday, an $80 purchase on Amazon nets you another $40 in store credit toward the purchase of another game. But let's think about this for a second.


First off, most new console games are $59.99, right?. So while Uncharted 2 and Borderlands are eligible on this deal, unless you're poaching MSRP-reduced titles, to collect this offer with two new games you'd need to spend $120 to get $40. Which is "Buy two, get two-thirds free."

That said, banking $40 in store credit might be valuable for you down the line. So if you're thinking of picking up Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brütal Legend, and/or NBA 2K10, as I did the past two months, this offer can help you with Left 4 Dead 2 or Assassin's Creed 2 down the line.


Full list of eligible titles here. The offer ends Oct. 31.

Spend $80 on Select Titles, Get $40 Video Games Credit at Amazon [Cheap Ass Gamer]

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