Amazon Answers The Call Of Duty With Savings

War never changes, but the price of war does. is lowering the prices on war games all day long, with a strong focus on Call of Duty.

So strong a focus that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 is the Deal of the Day, dropped to $36.99 from its normal Amazon price of $50.54. That's a good enough price to make up for the fact that the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits version of the original Modern Warfare has sold out at $18.99 a copy.


Don't worry, there are still plenty of war gaming deals to be had. Here's today's lightning deals roundup, with hints and guesses:

6AM Pacific: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Greatest Hits for PlayStation 3 (Sold Out)
9AM: Redefining World War II gameplay on your Xbox. Possibly Call of Duty: World at War?
12PM: A Wii game set in the Pacific Theater of World War II.
1PM: An incredibly realistic warfare experience on your Xbox. Maybe the original Modern Warfare?
4PM: Amazing special effects create dangerous and suspenseful action for your PS3. Vague?
7PM: Reserve a spot for Captain Soap MacTavish on your bedside table. That sounds like a Soap MacTavish statue to me.
8PM: Employ authentic, advanced weaponry in the most treacherous hotspots around the globe. That narrows it down.
9PM: Power up your Wii to take on a rogue enemy threatening the world. Barbie's Dream House?

Okay, my guesses are terrible. Yours might be better! Share them with the class. Gold Box Deals


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