Alyssa Milano Starring in Ghostbusters Game

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Alyssa Milano is your female lead in the upcoming Ghostbusters title by Atari. Her character, a museum curator, takes the place of Sigourney Weaver as the damsel in distress.


Says Milano, the inspiration for Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid' and the star of the cringe-inducing, tongue-scraping "Teen Steam" stressbusting workout series on VHS:

"Obviously, fans of the movie are going to miss Sigourney Weaver. I have so much respect for that character in the movie that I hope I do the position that she is in justice. I was just flattered to be asked to be part of 'Ghostbusters'."

Milano plays Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, who is curating "World of Gozer" at the Natural History Museum. I'm guessing Gozer isn't too fired up about having his likeness used without permission and probably trashes the exhibit, if not the entire museum.

Of the original cast, only Rick Moranis and Weaver do not return for the video game. There was a big misunderstanding of sorts regarding Weaver's absence, not sure why Moranis isn't back as the Keymaster, although with no Gatekeeper (the possessed Weaver) perhaps there was no need.

Alyssa Milano to Co-Star in 'Ghostbusters' Game [AP on MSNBC]



If they can have a "World of Gozer" exhibit, I wonder if we'll get any visits from our other favorite GhostBusters big bad:

Vigo the Carpathian!

While it's a shame that Vigo actor Wilhelm von Homburg passed away in 2004, there might still be hope given that Alyssa Milano's role as museum curator means that creepy former curator, Dr. Janosh Poha (Peter MacNicol), has been given the sack. Perhaps we might see a spiteful Peter MacNicol reprising his role to get revenge on Alyssa Milano?

And if Sigourney Weaver regrets not being in the game since she didn't know Bill Murray was going to be in it...

...maybe she can be coaxed into Ghostbusters: The Video Game 2, maybe?

One can dream!