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Alto's Odyssey Trades Snowy Mountains For Desert Sands

Snowboarding game  Alto’s Adventure showed us the artful side of the endless runner. Follow-up Alto’s Odyssey, due out this summer on iOS and Android, takes the same serene action to the desert sands and skies. Check out a live demo of the game from yesterday’s Gameslice E3 stream.


Eli Cymet, lead producer for development team Built By Snowman, talked with Gameslice host Geoff Keighley about Alto’s Odyssey yesterday at E3, showing off some of the game’s new moves. Wall rides and dynamic obstacles add some upward motion to the downhill boarding game without adding any control complexity—it’s still a simple one-finger game.

Alto’s Adventure is one of the first apps I download on any device capable of running it. Alto’s Odyssey might have swapped snowy woods for sandy deserts, but it looks just as chill as the original. Can’t wait to play.

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I found the original without having first seen anything about it, and loved it from the very first second. I hope this one is even half as good - I’m buying this immediately on release.