Already, Another Lips On The Way

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It's barely been six months since the release of Lips, Microsoft's shameless swipe at SingStar's karaoke crown. And now, with E3 just around the corner, it seems it's already time for another Lips game.


The Royalty Network - a site cataloguing the latest licensing and royalty deals in the world of music - has made mention of a video game tentatively titled "Lips Uno". Now, the Royalty Network is no GameStop. There's no platform information, no publisher info, no word on a developer (the original was done by iNiS), nothing. Just the title "Lips Uno", and the fact it's licensing Timbaland's "The Way I Are".


Still, the fact it's got the word "Lips" in the title suggests it's got something to do with Microsoft's series, though whether it would be an expansion or a full-blown sequel remains unclear. Maybe it works with the existing Uno, and replaces the original's stylish videos with depictions of your avatar crooning its little heart out.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment.

The Royalty Network reveals Lips Uno, Guitar Hero 5 tracks, and a few new DDR licenses! [BRU]

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How much was wrong with the first Lips? That should decide whether this is an expansion or a fullblown sequel. If there's a lot to fix, do it, otherwise just release more content.