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We miss J Allard! Real bad. We miss pudgy Allard, we even miss HD Allard. It was bad enough when he stopped hanging around the Xbox guys and was welcomed to the social, but over the past few months, he hasn't even been doing that anymore. He's just...faded away, without a trace. We were getting worried. Worried sick. But it's OK! J's popped up with a new job, and a new job title. One as aWeSome and eXtreme as J himself: Chief Experience Officer. As Microsoft's CXO (yes, a real title), Allard will be "responsible for the technical architecture and user experiences related to products and services of the Entertainment and Devices (E&D) division". Not really sure that means, but in a perfect world, it'll mean he's back at E3 this year.


J Allard gets a new job [ZDNet, thanks Marc!]


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