I hope you've brought your appetite and love of french fries. Because in Japan, a fast food chain is rolling out an all-you-can-eat french fry buffet.

Starting today, burger joint Lotteria is letting customers stuff their faces with as many fries as they can in sixty minutes. All that one needs to do is order medium-sized fries for 270 yen (US$2.66) or a meal deal that comes with fries and for the next hour, go to town. French fry town.

Website Gigazine visited a local Lotteria, and below, you can see how the all-you-can-eat system works.

First, you order fries for 270 yen each. [Photo: Gigazine]

After you finish that order, you take your receipt and your empty fry carton to the register, where they stamp your receipt and bring you a new order. [Photo: Gigazine]

Then after you finish that, you can go get another order. [Photo: Gigazine]

Twitter users have been uploading photos of their fry feasts, stacking up their french fry cartons to show just how many medium orders they packed away in sixty minutes. One Twitter user even bragged about eating the equivalent of $80 worth of french fries in an hour with some friends.

[Photo: Nao_Tennis]

[Photo: KiCheeeese]

[Photo: 392ryouta]

[Photo: sengoku3848]

[Photo: DbHbk1120]

[Photo: DbHbk1120]

[Photo: fc_kita_yono]

Since it Lotteria is having patrons present their empty carton before serving a new order, it looks like the fast food chain is, at the time of writing, avoiding the sort of french fry chaos Japan has seen before.


As Kotaku first reported in fall 2012, customers at rival fast food chain McDonald's began holding "potato parties," ordering large amounts of french fries and dumping them on trays to eat from.

Yesterday, McDonald's started selling all sizes of its fries for 150 yen ($1.47), so expect potato parties to continue. Below you can see photos from this week as well as pics from earlier this spring.

[Photo: nariya_niconico]

[Photo: l0llip0pCANDY]

[Photo: androtriberhoff]

[Photo: godryoma1]

[Photo: metro6114]

[Photo: k_kppo]

[Photo: ikkiwimper]

60分間ポテト食べ放題のロッテリアの「ポテホーダイ」にチャレンジしてみた [Gigazine]

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