All Those Video Games Might Be Kinda Good For You

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Some people might try to convince you that video games are a waste of time. Here's the perfect retort.

Researchers at Simon Frasier University have concluded that games like StarCraft II improve players' multi-tasking and cognitive skills, the Wall Street Journal reports. The researchers studied the behavior of 150,000 people who played Blizzard's popular real-time strategy game and found that they're not losing their minds after all.

"People who play action video games seem to make decisions faster than others without sacrificing accuracy," the Wall Street Journal's Robert Lee Hotz notes, "and practiced gamers are able to pay attention to more things at once without getting confused."


Check out the WSJ's video, which is a refreshingly positive look at the industry we all love. Try to ignore the unavoidable admonition about violent video games toward the end. We're trying to stay positive here.

Why Videogames May Be Good for You [Wall Street Journal]

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