All-Star Week Expands in MLB 10 The Show

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Home run derbies have been a standalone mode of baseball sims for years. This video shows that MLB 10 The Show will incorporate the All-Star Home Run Derby into its long-term play modes, as well as the All-Star Futures game.

Writing on the Playstation.Blog, designer Aaron Luke says the Sony San Diego team set out to include the Home Run Derby in season, franchise and Road to the Show modes as soon as work began on MLB 10 The Show. "After tackling the Home Run Derby addition, we thought why not go all-in and include the All-Star Futures Game as well," he says.


The Futures Game matches a team of top U.S. minor league prospects against a team of prospects from the rest of the world. It's been a fixture of the past 11 All-Star weeks. In The Show, you can play as either team in the Franchise mode (it's unavailable in Season mode). But in Road to the Show, you'll participate only if your player is selected to the game.

The same goes for the Home Run Derby, which is available in Season as well as Franchise and RTTS. Season and Franchise modes allow you to designate which players are controlled by the player 1 and player 2 controllers and which are handled by the CPU. In RTTS, you'll hit only if your player is selected.

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A-Rod usually declines the HR Derby, so it's kinda cool to see him in that clip. I'm kinda bummed there's been no representation in the derby for my team since 2003.