All of Halo 2's Remastered Cutscenes, In 1080p

One of the major overhauls 343 planned for Halo: The Master Chief Collection was in upgrading Halo 2's cutscenes. And Blur Studios, the team responsible for remastering them, did a wonderful job.


You can watch them all, back to back, thanks to YouTuber Unyshek - The Halo Professor. If you're playing through Halo 2 while catching these scenes, you can hit the 'oldschool' button to compare just how much has changed. And it is quite the difference.

Here is the old school version in case you're interested:

(via Reddit)

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I have no intentions of buying this game (despite my avatar here) because I've already played a majority of the games in this "collection" (also, I refuse to support this trend of rehashing/remaking/touching up old games — make new IP and new games instead, ffs). I've never played H2 though. If I watch all these cutscenes, will it be enough to get the whole story or is playing the game itself essential?