Madden NFL celebrates its 25th anniversary this year—that's why it's called Madden NFL 25, not 14—and will observe that milestone with something it calls the "All-25 Team," comprising the best players from past editions of the game.

This isn't like the "Canton Greats" all-time team of Madden NFL 13, which had Otto Graham, and if he ever starred in a game it was Foto Electric Football. To me, it suggests that the all-time super-powered stars of past editions—for sure Michael Vick, as he was rated in Madden NFL 2004—will be getting back together on a single team in the play-now menu.


Right now the only member they've announced so far is, duh, John Madden himself, who will act as the All-25s' coach. Of course he's appeared in the game in many forms before, but this will put him on the sideline, with the short-sleeve button-down and the tie. (But no cigarette, of course. ESRB wouldn't like that. Still, Madden catching a butt while Phil Villapiano was out there kicking some guy in the head, that's the Raida Organization, baby.)

They'll start announcing players tomorrow with the running backs and fullbacks. The roster will fill out here by Aug. 10. In addition to Vick, we can probably bank on seeing Ray Lewis at linebacker, and tomorrow will probably give us either Marshall Faulk or Barry Sanders, depending on how much the team wants to go to the well with No. 20; he's already on the cover. Randy Moss, from Madden NFL 08, is probably a lock for the list too.

Madden NFL 25 is out Aug. 27.

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