Aliens vs Predator: The Fancy Edition

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Aliens vs Predator has a collector's edition. This is it! No wearable blood-soaked Predator wrist-guards or Vasquez bandanas here, though; it's all relatively tasteful.


While announced earlier in the month for Europe, it's only today been cleared for an American release. Called the "Hunter Edition", it includes a facehugger model, four multiplayer maps, a "3d lenticular postcard", Weyland Yutani patch and a hardcover copy of the original AvP comic that kicked off the whole franchise.

Not bad. Not bad.

It'll also be available in Europe (and Australia), though in the old world it'll ship without the comic.


No word on price.

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Wait wait wait.

Four multiplayer maps exclusive to the fancy edition? How will that work for multiplayer lobbies? "Oh, you see that server running Hive? Well, you can't play it, because you don't have the FANCY version."