Update: It's a Hoax! Alien Invasion In China? Man Claims To Have Electrocuted an Alien

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Chinese microblogs are abuzz today after pictures appeared on Sina Weibo, of a Chinese man claiming to have found an alien. That's right, one Chinese man claims to have found an alien!


First pointed to us by our good friends at the Shanghaiist, the extraterrestrial was discovered by a Mr. Li in Binzhou Shangdong province. Li said he came across the body of the alien in late March after following a bunch of "UFO's" along the Yellow River. Li say's he was following five floating lights in the sky when he came across the electrocuted body of the alien.

Supposedly the Alien was electrocuted by a rabbit trap that Li had previously set up...

After coming across the body, Li took the body and transported it to his home where he then interred it into his freezer.

Unfortunately for true believers, the police quickly tried to quell the interest by posting a quick blurb asserting that the alien was nothing more than rubber.

"The alien purported electrocuted and discovered by a man in Binzhou is a high quality imitation," the Jinan Police posted on their Sina microblog. "The body is made up of high quality rubber."


Unfazed by the possibility the alien being fake, Chinese netizens are busy trying to connect the Shandong alien to a purported UFO siting in Hubei province. Sadly police are also trying to put this rumor down.

UPDATE: Turns out the alien, like many of our astute readers pointed out, was a hoax. Police visited Mr. Li and after a talk he came clean. Li wanted to share his "love" for aliens so he decided to create one.


Unfortunately for Li, the public security bureau didn't like his fake alien as much as the internet did. Li was sentenced to five days in prison for creating public unrest.

Who knows if this all an intricate Men in Black -esque coverup?!

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Top image: James Griffiths/Shanghaiist

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