Alice: Madness Returns Finds A Novel Use for the iPad and iPhone

With ten-year-plus gap between the new Alice: Madness Returns and its predecessor, American McGee's Alice, maybe you could use a little refresher on what's been going on in Wonderland and in Alice's head. Good news? There's an app for that.

If you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can download a storybook that fills in some of that decade-long gap leading up to Alice: Madness Returns. That interactive storybook is free to download right now, if you're in the United States. It features neat tricks like a Cheshire Cat "smile recognition" feature via the iPhone and iPad 2 camera alongside an original storyline and fancy schmancy art.


And if you're not in the United States or are not an owner of an iOS device, don't worry. Sounds like EA has you covered.

Electronic Arts writes on the official Alice Facebook page that "in the next few days, it will be available: to international iOS users, on Android smartphones and in a Facebook app" with the catch "but not all at the same time."

Alice: Madness Returns is slated to hit the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 14 alongside a downloadable version of the original game.


Alice: Madness Returns for iPad [iTunes]

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