Alice in Makielab Land

If you are a long, long time Kotaku reader, you'll know that Wonderland's Alice Taylor once graced us with her writing talents, turning out witty and charming posts.


Taylor's also known for her work at Channel 4, where she commissioned award-winning games for the broadcaster. Her next venture is Makielab, a toy and game company.

Here's the official description: "Makielab is building a system of social & mobile games that create customisable toys and collectibles from the same dataset."


Along with Taylor, co-founders include Luke Petre who built back-end tools for Little Big Planet 1 and 2, producer Jo Roach, and Sulka Haro of Habbo Hotel fame.

The group's first product is slated to alpha later this year. It's a dolls and action figure property that includes games and customization tools. Until then!

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Makielab [Wonderland]

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