Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Vs. Jagmeet Singh At Among Us, Streamed Tonight

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Last night Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, challenged US Democrat Ocasio-Cortez to a streamed game of Among Us. AOC agreed, and it’s on, tonight at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET. USA vs. Canada. Pick a side.


This really does seem like the ideal way forward for international politics.

Although what if it somehow sparked an incident? That would be a thing. Canada and US relations start to rupture over a questioned alibi. Talks break down after AOC calls Singh a third impostor...

If you want to see if the US and Canada can remain friends, you can watch the stream tonight on either AOC or Singh’s Twitch channels.

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Canadian Federal Politics Primer for the Curious (Americans, I mean):

The “liberal” in the ruling Liberal Party’s name means that are economic liberal. They’re easily bought and sold by corporate interests and are as corrupt as all get out. They have always been like this and they will remain this way until the sun dies and yet we still give them power. Prime Minister Handsome leads them. They will happily smoke a joint with you while giving the banks the okay to double your mortgage. Voting block: White people.

The Conservative Party are nothing more than the political arm of the Albertan Oil Industry. They do look at the Republican party and their open bigotry and want a part of that because it’s a proven way to get votes, but being openly shitty only currently seems to work for provincial Conservative Party offshoots. They will try to have you arrested for smoking a joint, get angry that it’s no longer illegal, and so pass laws that will shut down your entire province’s economy so you’ll be forced to go work for the Albertan Oil Industry who needs more workers to drive their wages down. Voting Block: Western white people

The NDP are straight up leftists and socialists. They are everything the MAGA crowd fears. They are the ones who got us all of those nice things we like such as universal healthcare. Their job is to usually act as the conscience of the nation and be the party the Liberals have to appease when they don’t have a majority in Parliament. They rarely get to govern and when they do they’re stuck cleaning up the utter shit show left behind by the Liberals and Conservatives and are never able to proceed on any policies of their own. Because Canadians are just as dumb as Americans we get angry at the lack of change and stick the other two parties right back in there to keep handing the public purse over to the corporations. They will not only smoke a joint with you, they probably sold you the baggie in the first place. This is Singh’s party. Voting block: Old hippies. Young hippies.

The Bloc Quebecois are a Quebec separatist party that gain power every time the federal government tells Quebeckers to stop being so fucking racist. Their biggest problem at the moment is that Alberta’s United Conservative Party is trying to steal their “Most Racist Canadians” title. They won’t smoke weed with you because you didn’t ask them in French. Voting block: “Pas de racisme systémique au Québec.”

Hope that helps.

(AOC will probably wipe the floor with Singh because I’ve seen her twitter feed and she’s ruthless.)