Al Qaeda Suspects "Making Detonators Out Of Sega Cartridges"

Illustration for article titled Al Qaeda Suspects "Making Detonators Out Of Sega Cartridges"

So it's true - there really is a link between violence and video games. In an otherwise run of the mill article on how the next US President will have to deal with the issue of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, the New York Times printed this little nugget:

One detainee is said to have been schooled in making detonators out of SEGA game cartridges.


Nobody at Kotaku (especially those who frequently travel overseas) has any idea if that is even possible, or why SEGA specifically, but the story seems to originate from the case of Hassan Bin Attash - a seventeen year old (at time of capture) detainee that several human rights organisations claim was tortured in Jordan before being held in Gitmo. Possibly, after a few months of waterboarding a weaponized copy of Toe Jam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron might seem more credible. Next President Will Face Test on Detainees[NYT via DasGamer]



I think this is just a ploy to bring the game "Dynamite Heady" back into the spotlight...