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Well, The Dark Knight was PG-13.

It has been confirmed that Albert Hughes of the Hughes Brothers directing fame will be helming the project without his brother. It was previously thought that Allen Hughes would be taking the lead on the project. According to the film's producer Andrew Lazar, he is not, and Albert will be flying solo this time.


Originally released in 1982, Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira debuted. The manga become a feature film anime, directed by Otomo. Akira changed the way many outside Japan thought about Japanese animation. Over the years, Akira has gotten several video game adaptations, including 1988 Famicom game as well as a PS2 title.


Instead of trying to cram all of 2,000 plus pages of the Akira manga epic into two hours, Warner Bros. is planning on releasing the film in two parts. Each part would cover three volumes of the manga. Albert Hughes, however, seems only interested in directing the first part.

"I'm not into sequels," he said in a recent interview. "I don't even know if I wanna be around for the sequel. I'm just focusing on the first movie."

It was also thought that the guys who wrote the first Iron Man flick would be adapting Akira. Things have changed, and scribe Albert Torres has been brought on to pen the script. He has a couple projects in development, but his only produced screenplay is Henry Poole Is Here.

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